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Sakura Hunters is the first sakura universe NFT. It's a multimedia universe owned by it's holders.

Hunters have over 200+ hand drawn high quality traits to ensure every single hunter is unique.

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over 597 hunters are waiting for you.
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    Sakura Beats

    Sakura beats are a vital piece of the sakura universe. All the music you hear, has been originally and exclusively produced by us, for our holders. Sakura Beats will play a vital role after mint.

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  • roadmap

    Sakuramap season 1

    The Sakuramap is our roadmap. The first season will have 597 hunters. Join our discord for more details. We see the roadmap as a tree. Every single step is a branch. This is the final roadmap. It will be separated by seasons (different mints) that are independent from one another. Click on any card to have more information.

  • ROOTS: community conception & NFT collection

    community conception & first NFT collection. (click for more info).

    You, the community are the roots of the tree. We want to build a community that shares our passion and vision for this project and the future.

    We will do this through discord and all other social media. We will also publish the first Sakura NFT collection, Sakura Hunters.

  • Melody Branch: Sakura Beats.

    Our original music collection.

    We will expand our world and identity with official music. SakuraBeats is a beat tape made of 10 beats/instrumentals (can be more). Our holders will receive some benefits related to the Sakura Beats.

  • Mystery branch: Sakura Mystery Box

    Every holder will receive a sakura mystery box. As the name implies, this is a surprise...

    The sakura mystery box will hold special items related to the sakura universe...

  • GENESIS BRANCH: Light Novel

    This is where the tree will start to gather more energy from the sun to create new branches and grow. Here we will work on our official light novel. This will be the base for an adaptation.

    A lightnovel is an easier to read novel that is usually the base of a manga, webtoon or anime. We will produce a light novel around the sakura universe.

  • VISUAL BRANCH: Webtoon/Manga adaptation

    After writing the light novel, we will adapt it in webtoon or manga format.

    We plan on adapting the lightnovel into webtoon or manga.


    We will support one young aspiring mangaka/illustrator. You will choose who we will support.

    We will choose a group of illsutrators/mangakas and have them draw some content for our webtoon. You will then choose the winner and he/she will be granted ETH.

  • FIGHTING BRANCH: collection expansion

    We will share more details when the time is right. In the meantime you can only wonder what/who the Hunters are hunting...

    After releasing our main collection we will release a second one. This one is going to be based on allies/enemies...

  • METAVERSE BRANCH: Metaverse integration

    In the future we would like to integrate Sakura Hunters to the metaverse (e.g a game integration or similar).

    In the distant future, we would like sakura hunters to be part of the metaverse. As the industry is changing at a fast pace, we cannot make a clear prediction of how we want this to happen.

Find more in our discord server

Sakura Letters

Sakura letters are snippets of our original story. Later on, they will be converted into a lightnovel and subsequently into a webtoon.

  • It was a sunny Monday morning, birds were singing, children were playing. It was around 8:35am. It was one of the many sunny days of Spring. I decided to open the window and I realized that the wind brought a Sakura flower on my uniform.

    It is probably a flower from the tree of life. Is this fate? Can It be a mere coincidence? Today is the first day of me wearing this attire. It symbolizes my will and commitment to protecting life. I will become a Sakura Hunter.

    I want to save the world.

    The academy is located on the Island of Tenshi. It means “Angel”. Our people often refer to the hunters as angels. Some have incredible powers, some are just smart and others don’t have much going on…asides from their motivation.

    The island is located on the northwestern sea of Nami. The terrain of the island is extremely unstable. It is full of pits, mountains, monsters, and much more. It is regarded as a natural paradise.

    It is the perfect playground for training. This is where all the Sakura Hunters receive their strict education.

    In all honesty, I am quite afraid of the journey ahead of me. My friends and family think that dragon taming would be a better task for me. I understand their concern.


    Who is going to protect the world? We are all aware that the dark region of Ragnarock performed evil summoning. Yet…Nobody is taking action…

    Becoming a hunter is a hard process. Not everyone is suited for it. On the other hand, everyone has a chance of becoming one.

    It is now time to do my part. I will now become what I already am. A SAKURA, HUNTER.

  • Every hunter is unique. Unique in appearance, unique in style, and unique in strength. One of the most exciting and important days of training is the weapon selection ceremony.

    The academy provides two types of weapons. Handheld, and magic. I, unfortunately, do not have any magic talent.

    In order to choose the right weapon, every single candidate will have to take 3 exams:

    1-Crystal sage ball:

    It is located in the great library in the northern part of the building. The task is very simple. You just need to cast your entire magic power and wait for a reaction. The ball emits a light beam. The brightest it is, the strongest your magic power is.

    2-Golem wrestling:

    This one is purely physical. A wizard summons an earth golem with above-average strength. The goal is to push it out of the determined area. The further you push it, the better your score.

    3-Decision making assessment:

    This one is trickier. You are faced with a situation that requires intuitive and quick decision-making. We had to survive 3 days only with a tent and a few basic supplies.

    After taking the exams we were given a score ranging from 0 to 100.

    Here is my score.

    Crystal sage ball: 12/100

    I somewhat expected this result. Only a few hunters have enough knowledge to use magic.

    Golem Wrestling: 95/100

    This is where I was able to shine. I almost managed to drag the golem out of the arena.

    Decision-making assessment: 80/100

    This proof was definitely hard. My experience living alone helped a lot. I was able to hunt and find shelter quickly. The harder part was dealing with boredom, it often brings danger…

    The day after receiving the results we were all brought to the armaments room in the southern partition of the building.

    This is a tall and spacious room where all sorts of weapons are stored.

    Ranging from: katanas, swords, greatswords, maces bats, guns and much, much more.

    I was told that I am one of the physically strongest new recruits. My physical strength would suit the mace, bat, sword, and greatsword.

    I decided to go with the greatsword. To be precise, the Chikara Greatsword.

    It is a long and steady blade. It is the heaviest sword in the assortment. It has a magic ability that is in the eye you can see at the bottom of the blade. It drains the life out of dead foes to give it back to its holder. A perfect weapon for long fights. One hit of this bad boy will damage any foe. It requires a major fighting technique. Its weight can leave you exposed. I have been training in swordsmanship even before joining the academy.

    I now feel closer to the hunters I look up to.

    This is a big step towards a big dream.

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